App Description

Special state of the art atlas for the iPhone/IPod that provides real time information directly from the CIA World Factbook.


✓ Touch any world region to zoom, then touch any country for map and World Factbook information in real time.

✓ LIVE information updated from the CIA every time you run the App.

LIVE Information updated in real time included for each country:

✓ Introduction:

☆ Capital name.
☆ Geographic coordinates.
☆ Background.

✓ Language and religion percentages:

★ Language: Statistics.
★ Religion: Statistics.

✓ Population:

✪ Birth Rate.
✪ Death rate.
✪ Net migration rate.
✪ Population growth rate.
✪ Total population.
✪ Country comparisons for each subcategory.

✓ Age structure:

★ Ages groups:

✪ 0-14.
✪ 15-64.
✪ 64+.

★ Median age female.
★ Median age male.
★ Median age total.

✓ Nationality and Ethnic Group:

☆ Nationality: Noun and adjective.
☆ Literacy: Male and female.
☆ Ethnic: Statistics percentages.

iPhone Screenshots

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World Info Touch screenshot 1 World Info Touch screenshot 2 World Info Touch screenshot 3 World Info Touch screenshot 4 World Info Touch screenshot 5

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