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Added new Political Issues to News Discovery:
Civil Rights (3 issues)

Fix: "Write Review" button in the "About" screen now takes you to the app's page in iTunes

*** Thank you for purchasing campaignTracker 2010 ***

Now that the mid-terms are over, this is likely the last update I will do on this app.

Rest assured, the app will continue to function as-is, even after it is removed from the app store in the near future.

I will continue to develop and enhance my other apps, which offer some of the same or similar functionality as this one.

If you want to keep up with politician's Twitter feeds, try politicoTracker Twitter Edition (Free app). Soon to come: the iPad version of politicoTracker Twitter Edition, incorporating the same features as this app, plus a few new ones. It will also be a Free app.

If you find the News Discovery feature helpful (really, the real power of this app, and a unique, time-saving capability you can't get anywhere else), try either politicoTracker for iPad or govTracker for iPad. Existing campaignTracker 2010 for iPad owners can get promo codes for free downloads of either of these $9.99 apps, while supplies last. Just use the "Contact Us" button in the app to request your code, and let me know which one you want.

If you want a simple app to access the election data provided by Project Vote Smart, stay tuned: I will develop that as a stand-alone app, and it will be Free as well.

Please follow @_ptracker on Twitter for updates and announcements.

App Description

campaignTracker 2010 is a News Discovery Tool, a time-saving app configured to let you easily and quickly "discover" news about political and campaign issues facing us in this election.

In addition, the app includes a full list of politicians and candidates who are twittering, so you can easily keep up with their activities - even if you don't have a twitter account.

Also included is data published by Project Vote Smart, featuring local, state, and federal election and candidate information.

This is the iPad-only version of this app, with a brand new user interface that takes advantage of the iPad's size. If you own and intend to use the app on the iPhone, please consider "campaignTracker 2010" instead, as that app will also run on the iPad in iPhone-compatible mode.

News Discovery:
Quickly get real-time access to the latest news from over 25,000 publications, organized by sections:
* Campaign Issues (12 items)
* Political Parties and Afiliates (36 items)
* Current Political Issues (104 items).

Then, instantly cross-search, or "group" that news against another topic you choose:
* Current Events
* Business Events
* US States
* World
* Elected Officials
* Publications
* Industries

For example, choose "Endorsements" under "Campaign Issues" to see all the latest news relating to political endorsements. Then, group those headlines by "Elected Officials" and the app will cross search them against all 8000 politicians, all at once, so you can instantly see who is doing what, and even Discover connections you did not know about. Try doing that in a legacy search engine!

Then visit campaignTracker2010.com/sample to see how this app would do it.

You do not need a twitter account to use this app. You can read the tweets of all current elected officials and candidates in this year's race that I know about. If anyone is missing, just add them to your personal list, and if they meet the criteria, they will be added to the public lists. In addition to tweets, read articles and view videos linked from the tweet, bookmark the articles, send the tweet via email or open it in Safari to retweet or reply.

iPad version exclusive: Twitter Multi-Mode
Dynamically add any twitter accounts to the timeline, and the tweets will be combined into a single timeline. For example, choose candidate 1, and see her tweets. Now choose candidate 2, and see their tweets in relation to candidate 1's tweets. Feel free to keep adding accounts for your own, custom aggregate tweet feed.
This feature is in addition to the favs aggregate custom tweetstream capability.

Election Data:
Using the iPad's location, campaignTracker 2010 will look up your local elections. Or, you can browse nationwide election data. Either way, see lists of candidates, their bios, and election status. Data is compiled by Project Vote Smart, a grass-roots volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining a "Voter Self-Defense system".

Additional Features:
Save to Favorites: any news discovery isssue or twitter account can be saved as a fav for quick access later: "3 taps to get results" (1-launch app, 2-tap favs button, 3-tap item)

Bookmark Articles: save the article URL at the publisher's web site, download page contents for later off-line reading, save article excerpts, bookmark election data pages. Or, email articles or tweets.

In-Article You-Pick Term Highlighting: great for long articles that only mention the issue once.

In-app User's Guide, direct contact to developer, tell-a-friend, and more..!

Visit campaigntracker2010.com/ss for screenshots of all functionality.

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App Changes

  • June 24, 2011 New version 1.1