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With Multi-Dice Roller you can roll various kinds of dice usually used in RPG (d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d%). There are two modalities of rolling:

CLASSIC: you can choose a number of dice and roll all dice of that type, the result is the sum of the results of every single die

DICE POOL: In this kind of rolling a given target number represents the difficulty level, and all the dice that roll a number higher then the target are considered as successes.
In this modality you can also choose if the “1” gives a Failure (and subtracts successes from the final result) and if the highest number of the dice means to reroll the die another time (for example “6” for d6, “10” for d10, and so on)

With this app you can roll dice a large number of times, in a very fast way, and its perfect if one needs to test the results for some RPG, in phase of testing or when playing, or wants to see the number of successes or failure will have for a certain number of dice (for choosing the best set of abilities of his player).

Plus, if you're really REALLY unlucky with your dice throws, you can finally see if destiny seriously has a grudge with you or if it's those damn dice your throwing that are bringing you down ;)

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