What's New

Bug Fixes v1.3.1:
* Fixed problem where app would crash when creating a new Game Center account.

New Features v1.3:
* Game Center leaderboards and achievements for supported devices.
* Updated OpenFeint to v2.7.3.

NOTE: If your achievements don't sync to Game Center then follow these steps:
1. You must be using OpenFeint features, and be online.
2. Delete ClusterStorm app.
3. Logout of Game Center using Game Center app.
4. Download ClusterStorm.
5. Run ClusterStorm and enable OpenFeint.
6. Login using Existing Account for Game Center.

Your existing OpenFeint achievements will now be unlocked in Game Center!

You should also go to Options, Sync in ClusterStorm to resync your local scores from the OpenFeint online leaderboards.

New Features v1.2:
* New Challenge Mode: Arcade Pills - Arcade mode with scoring based on pills vs score multiplier.
* New Unlimited time mode setting for Challenges.
* 2 new leaderboards for Arcade Pills Unlimited and Arcade Pills Timed 1:00.
* Improved calibration.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed problem with a highscore not being submitted when playing a challenge sent by another user.
* Fixed acceptable ranges in calibration sensitivity.

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App Description

Fast, frantic survival action with addictive qualities. Tilt and turn your device to move your blue square over green squares to score points while avoiding red enemies. Then eat a powerup and chase down the enemies to destory them! Game Center Supported!

"The graphics for ClusterStorm will not win any awards, but that is on purpose. The theme of the graphics and their simplicity is a game winner. The game play is also refreshing. " 4/5 -CrazyMikesApps.com

"The controls are remarkably fluid, the gameplay varies between casual and frenetic, and a mixture of elements from 'Snake' to 'Pac Mac' keep the balance of power between player and environment swinging with a fun rhythm." 5/5 - User Review

* 4 game modes: Arcade, Classic, Survival and Challenge.
* 1 unlockable game mode: Bomber (score 500,000 in arcade to unlock)
* 4 challenge games: Arcade, Arcade Pills, Classic & Rush.
* All new multiplier based scoring for Arcade mode!
* Tilt movement for a more challenging experience!
* OpenFeint leaderboards, 22 achievements to unlock and challenges.
* Game Center with identical leaderboards and achievements for supported devices.
* Sync your scores from OpenFeint to multiple devices to keep bomber mode unlocked.
* Supports iOS4.
* Leaderboards also available online on globware.com.

The object of ClusterStorm is to move your blue square over green squares. When you collect a green square an enemy red square will appear. If you crash into a red square your game will be over. However, if you get the yellow powerup square, your blue square will become energized and turn purple. While in this mode you can destroy small enemy red squares by crashing into them. When your player begins to flash back to blue you'll be turning back to normal shortly. Your score is determined by the number of green squares you collected.

Arcade: Classic mode plus bomb and freeze powerups which decay after a specified amount of time. Ability to drop grenades and use rage. Becoming enraged allows you to destroy any enemies you crash into. Score is multiplier based!

Classic: Original classic game.

Survival: No powerups at all will appear. Just collect as many green squares as possible.

Bomber: Similar to survival with grenades and blockers. (shrapnal kills). All pills will begin with a timer, if you get the pill quick enough you will be awarded 2 grenades. If you get it before the timer is up you get 1 grenade. After the timer disappears you just collect the green pill. Grenade powerups will appear which award 2 grenades. Don't waste your grenades because they become increasing important later in the game when multiple enemies appear per pill.

Challenge: Play Arcade, Arcade Pills, Classic and new Rush games with user-defined time modes ranging from 30 seconds to 1 hour in 30 second intervals or unlimited time to play without a time limit. Leaderboards for all 1:00 minute based games for quick play fun as well as Unlimited for Arcade Pills.

ClusterStorm is OpenFeint enabled.

* ClusterStorm is not retina enhanced.
* ClusterStorm is best played with the device face up.
* OpenFeint achievements are awarded after each game, not during the game.
* There is no save game feature. If you're using iOS4 then fast app switching is supported and you can resume your game later.

*** If you get a crash when trying to create a New Game Center account within ClusterStorm, then use the Game Center app to create your account first. ***

For more information see www.globware.com.

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App Changes

  • September 01, 2011 Price decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!
  • September 02, 2011 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99