What's New

-Several Upgrades on Graphics
-Now the free content is challenge based

App Description

Earth is under attack! Wave after wave of asteroids, comets, missiles and even flying saucers are rushing it! It is now up to you to help the Earth to survive for as long as possible.

Charge you fingers with your best anti-gravity weapon, and push back the incoming threats. But beware! There are several types of asteroids, and they don't all behave in the same way, so quick reflexes will be necessary.

You'll also need to use your wits! Since pushing back asteroids consume energy, it will be depleted fast if you simply push back everything. All your expertise will be needed to evaluate if you can let go an asteroid around the Earth, of if it has a deadly collision course!

This way you'll reach the best possible traffic management around the Earth and save it for as long as possible. This will give time to the population to escape in pods, while you are protecting them from extinction.

Fortunately you're not alone. Various power-ups will be floating around in space, waiting for you to collect them in order to obtain all kinds of benefits, from time slower, health/energy boost, all the way up to the all mighty gravitational wave!

So hold your breath, prepare yourself of a lot of action, and enjoy a beautiful, colorful retro look.

Full Game Features:

- 4 modes of gameplay
-> Challenge Mode with 40 challenges
-> Survival, impact mode
-> Survival, advanced impact mode
-> Survival, gravitation mode

- Over 15 types of threat; various asteroids of different behavior, missiles, comets, flying saucer, etc.

- Over 9 different types of rewards; health boost, energy boost, gravitational wave, time slower, multiplier boost, bonus points, escape pods which must be protected, etc.

- 33 Openfeint achievements

- Game Center and Openfeint leaderboard

- Great and immersive soundtrack.

- Includes a save game system so the game can be resumed later if interrupted.

- Realistic gravitation physics motion.

- More content to come in future updates!

iPhone Screenshots

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Gravitation Defense Lite screenshot 1 Gravitation Defense Lite screenshot 2 Gravitation Defense Lite screenshot 3 Gravitation Defense Lite screenshot 4 Gravitation Defense Lite screenshot 5

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