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Try this Chinese puzzle game that will be sure to give your mind quite the exercise!

It is not only a lite version, but also a prequel of the full version. Even you have played the full version, you have to try this!

Tomb of Qin is a puzzle game which allows the player to fully experience the mystical ancient Chinese culture.

Players will have their wits tested not only by perilous traps, but also the terracotta guardians of the tomb.

Game-play instructions:

While selecting a terracotta guardian by holding down your finger on him, slid towards the direction in which he will move and release to confirm.
Upon completing the setup of the movement of the terracotta guardians, pull the lever at the left corner to instantaneously move all of them.
Guardians will move towards the direction they are facing and at a constant speed until they clash with either another warrior, fall into a trap or hit a wall.
Guardians are what stand between the players and the hidden treasures of the tomb. Progression in this game is brought forth by means of destroying all of the terracotta guardians by making them crash with each other or fall into traps.

Developed & Published by Dragon Team Interactive
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