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THROW AWAY your EMAIL app or favorite game for this app. Don't agree, see below why you are wrong.
See our other apps: Vodoo Funny Mirror
Note: This app is not the lite version of Vodoo Funny Mirror, this is a real normal mirror. Vodoo Funny mirror is a funny mirror.

The #1 most important must have app, because only the new iPhone technology of FaceTime and Retina Display made this beautiful mirror possible. This app is a real beautiful mirror, No cheating, its not stupid app ! Get Vodoo Mirror and get rid of your pocket/purse mirror now.

Vodoo Mirror is more important than EMAIL, browser, calculator, alarm or... name it.

WHY ? See this
- How many times you use calculator in a day ?
- Do you play same game each day, every day all your life? NO RIGHT.

But you will use Vodoo Mirror everyday, ALL your LIFE.

Don't you look into the mirror each day, every day, before interview, after eating, before going out, before meeting your BF,GF,friends, teacher... well you get it. Now you have this mirror with you everywhere you go. EMAILS can wait, YOUR LOOKS cannot !

So grab Vodoo Mirror now and put it into your UTILITIES folder right away to use everyday. If you don't have space, throw away your calculator or other app.

- Beautiful real mirror with different frames
- One where you can see yourself, you know... like real mirror.
- Saves current frame choice
- Lots of fun updates

NOTE: Vodoo Mirror is a special app only for iPhone 4 people, others - its not for you. please don't download. NO NO NO NO, you don't get it… , please.

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Vodoo Mirror screenshot 1 Vodoo Mirror screenshot 2

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Vodoo Mirror screenshot 3

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