App Description

Doodle Chaos is an experimental physics puzzler for the iPad.

It's part pool, part miniature golf, part physics puzzler, part... something else.

In each round, you have one shot to get your ball to the target. In your way are walls, breakable blocks, movable platforms, unpredictable teleporters, giant pulsating magnets and annoying red repellers. You have to figure out the correct angle and power to propel your ball around all the chaos to get it to the goal.

So, what makes it experimental?

The levels are created by the users!

Included are 15 simple tutorial levels to teach you the basics of how it works. Most importantly, the game includes a complete level editor, from which you can create, save, and upload your game levels to challenge other users.

Levels can be sorted by date, number of times someone has beaten it, or by vote.

I really want to see if something like this is possible on the iPad: a fun, challenging but casual game that harnesses the creative power of its users to make a puzzle game with a potentially unlimited number of puzzles.

For that reason, Doodle Chaos is FREE and always will be. I just ask that you create at least one level and upload it to contribute!

Thanks for checking out Doodle Chaos! Have fun!

iPad Screenshots

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Doodle Chaos screenshot 1 Doodle Chaos screenshot 2 Doodle Chaos screenshot 3 Doodle Chaos screenshot 4 Doodle Chaos screenshot 5

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