What's New

-Fixed crash upon load on devices running iOS versions less than 4.0
-Made minor update to gameplay mechanics involving slight decrease of particle creation rate
-Large particle velocities no longer result from small touch motions
-Background music volume is no longer diminished upon pause and exit to main menu screen
-Fixed particle velocities on game load
-Made minor update to background graphics
-Made minor tutorial text changes
-New effects on level advance
-Increased performance on some devices
-Added new music track
-Reduced binary size to enable download over cellular connections

App Description

Particle Panic is a fast-paced, puzzle-arcade game where you take the role of a mad scientist running an even madder experiment to harness energy from a new, potentially-limitless power source. The interaction of your exawatt-class laser with the spacetime continuum causes quarks to spontaneously appear out of the seething quantum vacuum. Combine groups of particles and balance their color, electric charges and spins to get them to annihilate and release energy. Collect enough energy to advance to the next level. Create new particles with the properties you need by adding existing particles. The experiment doesn't come without some kind of danger, of course. Confine your quark-gluon plasma within the walls of your reactor chamber by keeping its temperature down. Detonate nukes, create time warps and spawn black holes to keep the particle flux under control. If things get too hot, it will breach the containment vessel. The results would be catastrophic!

Particle Panic features:
* Multitouch arcade gameplay
* Fast-paced, seamless level advancement
* Test your reflexes in Meltdown mode
* Special powerups like nukes and color shifts
* Powerful abilities like time warps and black holes
* A chill, ambient soundtrack to relax with as you play
* Ability to play music from your own library
* Save game feature so you can take a call and come back to play
* OpenFeint and Game Center integration to gain achievements and keep track of high scores
* Obeys the laws of quantum chromodynamics

iPhone Screenshots

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Particle Panic screenshot 1 Particle Panic screenshot 2 Particle Panic screenshot 3 Particle Panic screenshot 4

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