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What are Vocabulary Traps?

Have you ever mixed up the meanings of “discreet” and “discrete”? What about “councillor” and “counsellor”? In your emails do you sometimes write “farther” instead of “further”? Or “stationary” instead of “stationery”?

Rest assured... you’re not alone!

In the English vocabulary there are hundreds of look-alike words that sound very similar but have very different definitions.

Confusing one word with the other can sometimes lower your audience’s perception of you. Also test designers for GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS and SAT often take advantage of these similarities within their questions.

This application has been designed to help you improve your vocabulary using the following features:

- Vocabulary Traps: 400 look-alike words (200 pairs) that are easily confused with each other.

- Vocabulary List: 1000 words that you absolutely need to learn. They all come with definitions, sample sentences, types, synonyms, antonyms, notes, etc.

- Keeps track of the words you already reviewed so you don’t have to start over.

- Tips on how to improve your vocabulary in the shortest period of time using our Audio Vocabulary Package (visit

- No need for WiFi or Phone connection once you download. It takes less than 3MB of space on your device.

- No need to download any software to your computer (and no need to Sync for any data)

- Keep in your pocket at all times and use it during your breaks to learn a new word every day.


Why should I buy this application to improve my vocabulary?

The English words in this application have been selected because they often appear on exams such as GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT and IELTS.

Other than that, a large vocabulary can help you communicate clearly and effectively, and the positive repercussions are endless: writing understandable emails, communicating your thoughts in business meetings, writing better research papers at school, giving memorable presentations and speeches that make long–lasting impressions, and more… 

Studies show that a good vocabulary is essential for success in life. A broad and deep vocabulary helps professionals persuade audiences by making clear arguments, and by helping interpret the sources on which they base those arguments. Carefully chosen words that follow the “Five Cs” (Correctness, Clarity, Conciseness, Concreteness, and Coherence) can please any audience.

It is hard to measure the number of words a person should know. As a ballpark measure, English language has around 1 million words. The average person uses only 2000-3000 words. Good lawyers can have an acquaintance with around 20,000 words, compared to 5,000 words for other occupations such as artists, and 8,000-10,000 for Ivy League graduates.

English vocabulary level has been shown to be strongly related to educational success. In addition, it’s often related to the level of occupation attained and correlated with measures of intelligence. Possessing a large vocabulary does not in itself guarantee success, but without a large vocabulary outstanding success seldom occurs.

In essence, if you can master words, then you can influence people. And if you can influence people, you can influence outcomes.


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App Changes

  • October 22, 2012 Price decrease: $3.99 -> FREE!
  • January 21, 2013 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99

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