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App Description

This app is compatible with iphone and ipod touch with internet connection.

Just in time for summer road trips, this app allows iPhone users to select multiple city locations and plan the route to visit each of them. This app operates in two contexts -- "Global MasterPlan" context and "Local City" context.

In the "Global MasterPlan" context, users can start a "New" trip, "Add" new city locations, "Edit" a previously selected city location to include hotel or street address, "Delete" a previously selected city location, or "Move" the selected city locations to specify the correct start and end locations.

In the "Local City" context, the app enables users to select categories, search for point of interests (POI), see the route and map and then email the results.

Features in "Global MasterPlan" context:

There are two tabs in this context -- "Locations" and "Master Route". There are six buttons in the "Locations" tab, and a brief description of the function of each button is as follows:

"New" -- Clear everything and start a new trip;

"Add" -- Add a new city location. The user can locate a city by using the current GPS position, or from a database of almost five thousand US and Canadian cities. In addition, the user
can specify the lodging location by picking a hotel or searching for a street address. The user can select up to 10 cities to visit.

"Edit" -- This button allows the user to edit the lodging location by picking a new hotel or a new street address.

"Delete" -- This button deletes a previously selected city location.

"Move/Done" -- This button will toggle between "Move" and "Done". The user selects "Move" to move the selected locations around to specify the correct start and end locations. The user selects "Done" when he/she is satisfied with the sequence of the city locations.

"POI" -- This button allows the user to enter into the Local City context.

In the "Master Route" tab, the user can get turn-by-turn directions to the selected city locations, see them on a static Mapquest map. The user can then email the map and the route.

Features in "Local City" context:

-- There are a total of 10 categories, and 51 sub-categories of point of interests;
-- Display up to 40 POIs for each selected sub-categories;
-- User can look up the addresses of these POIs;
-- If the POI has a Citysearch profile, this app will display the phone number and the url to the profile;
-- The Citysearch profile url will provide reviews and map of the POI;
-- User can select up to a total of 20 POIs to visit;
-- Provide a route to visit all the selected places with turn-by-turn directions;
-- Display a static Mapquest map to show all the selected POIs;
-- Email the map and the route;
-- The user can go back to "Global MasterPlan" context anytime, by pressing the "Main Menu" button at the top right-hand corner.

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