What's New

New in this Update---------------------------------
1)Fixed Bugs
2)Modified main game by making blocks come a little faster and come more
3)Changed Icon
More Updates to come....

App Description

**************** MADE BY 13 YEAR OLD KID ****************

Fast paced game made for anyone.
The objective is to try to get as high a score you can by destroying blocks coming at you, with accelerometer controlled projectiles. Along the way you gain different killstreak powers. In each game there will be a certain color block you cant hit (given before game) and you cant let a block go by or you will lose a life!

**************** Features ****************

1) There are 3 different modes
2) Regular Mode
3) Survival Mode
4) And One Projectile Mode
5) 6 different killstreaks
6) 3 different weapons
7) OpenFeint integrated
8) Over 66 different achievements
9) 7 Different leader boards
10) It contains very addictive gameplay

KillStreak Powers ---------------------------

BLUE- Gained at 15 and slows down blocks.

GREEN- Gained at 30 and speeds up fire rate of projectiles and discards the rule of limited 3 projectiles to screen.

RED- Gained at 45 and makes it so you don't lose lives.

YELLOW- Gained at 60 and makes it so targets randomly disappear

GOLD- Gained at 75 and makes it so your score goes up for a random amount of time

BLACK- Gained at 90! and makes it so every time you hit a block it is first worth one point then it will be worth 2, then 3, and on and on...(until you lose a life)


YOU CAN ALSO COMBINE KILLSTREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**************** SURVIVAL MODE ****************

Very simple just try not to get hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(You can hit the orange one to get a shield for a limited amount of time)

**************** ONE PROJECTILE MODE ****************

Use only one projectile to destroy the blocks!
If one gets past you lose!

iPhone Screenshots

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KillStreak Defense screenshot 1 KillStreak Defense screenshot 2 KillStreak Defense screenshot 3

App Changes

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