App Description

This is a bullet dodging game where you have to dodge the bullets that are flying towards you and try to survive as long as you can. You can play independently to break your record by surviving longer in the game or you can invite and compete with a friend by sending a challenge message. You can also compete for ranking after registering your best record on the server. Now, challenge this game by dodging the bullets flying towards to you!

★ Features ★

- Gravity sensor utilization, convenient gaming methods with an easy interface
- Various types of bullets and increasing the level of difficulty through playing time
- Leaderboards(ranking) and Achievement system interlocked with OpenFeint
- 3D effects maximized by using 3D characters and bullets
- Competing with a friend for the best record by using the Challenge function

★ Bullets ★

Bullet’s common properties: All bullets fly towards Dodge Man when they initially get generated

Properties of various types of bullets

Main Bullet – They are bullets that appear in the early stage of the game. As time passes, the speed of bullet generation will increase and when the time reaches 74 seconds it’ll reach the highest record.

Fast Bullet – They have a fast travelling speed. They will generate every 8 seconds after starting the game.

Green Bullet – They have a slow travelling speed and travel towards Dodge Man. The bullets will generate every 12 seconds and through time the amount of green bullets will increase and this will put pressure on the user.

Pink Bullet – This bullet is different from the other bullets, pink bullets generate from the bottom. It clashes as soon as the effect explodes. The bullets will generate every 15 seconds after the start of the game and it’ll bewilder the user through splendid effects.

Blue Bullet – The travel speed is a little fast and it travels towards Dodge Man. The bullets will appear 17 seconds after the start of the game and the number will increase every 15 seconds. Blue bullets become more difficult to overcome as time progresses.

☆ Game Tip ☆

Don’t stay still and move steadily keeping up with the wall
Don’t be dazzled by the pink bullets. You can avoid the pink bullets only when there’s a star mark.
You won’t be killed even if you bump onto the wall!!
If you have achieved a new record you can connect to OpenFeint and check your rank status.

iPhone Screenshots

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Doodle Dodge Man screenshot 1 Doodle Dodge Man screenshot 2 Doodle Dodge Man screenshot 3 Doodle Dodge Man screenshot 4 Doodle Dodge Man screenshot 5

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