App Description

Guide Xio on his journey through the wonders of the Domain. This special world has been taken over
by rogue software with the sole intention of corrupting and destroying. Stop them from propagating
any longer and free the Domain! As Xio, you are the only one with the power to do so...

Key features:

Take control - Denizen showcases unique multi touch controls that provide fluid and rich gameplay. Use the
virtual analog stick to control Xio's movement. Tap on enemies to attack them, or swipe through multiple
enemies to unleash your combo attack and get combos for higher scores, and getting out of tight spots.

Survive - Blast your way through intense, dynamic and vibrant levels. Defend yourself against waves
of attacking enemies, all with their own abilities, and end of level bosses. Become
immersed in Denizens stylish and fresh 3D environments, vivid sound effects and its exceptional licensed soundtrack. You can also listen to your own music library while playing

Collect - Gather the nodes that are scattered throughout the game to earn additional points.
Go through the gates in order to replenish your lost energy and become invincible to attacks.

Experience - Earn badges by completing challenges within the game. Collect them all to truly master
the game. Earn high scores and upload them to the Denizen global leader boards.

Showcases - Multi touch controls and online connectivity with leader boards.
Localisation - Play Denizen in English and French.

Get the full version with 2 chapters, 24 levels and the survival mode.

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