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Ready for April's Fool's Day? Trick your friends. Get a laugh (or two) out of this simple, rapscallion app. Simple, yet effective. ;-)


Place your finger within the probe rectangle. Wait a couple of suspenseful seconds. Get an accurate reading of your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and an evaluation result.
Latest breakthroughs in applied multiglobular transcendence technology make this possible for the first time on consumer touch-sensitive devices.

... Or so it will seem to the innocent victims you're going to play this practical joke on.

Disbelievers will quickly dismiss this as nonsense *BUT* you will successfully stump them by showing that they always get a (preferably) low IQ, while you always get a (very) high one.
All you both do is touch the screen. Consistently high values for you, consistently low ones for them. How will they explain this away? They can't, and they won't.

As the sweat is running down their forehead, invite a friend or family member to join you and also do the test. She or he, too, will get consistently high IQ values, though different from yours or your victim's.
You can go as far as getting three other people. All getting reasonable, different yet high values. While your victims gets bad ones.
Your victim's sweat will turn into desperation.

Be nice, though, and tell them it was all a joke. After a week or so...

Here's how it works: Of course your iPhone or iPod touch cannot read a fingerprint through the screen and/or determine an IQ. But it can tell the difference between each person touching it, by the subtle difference in the way they place their finger on the rectangle: Your victim will just plop it down. You, and any accomplices, however, will plop it down and then very slightly move it. The square is roughly finger-sized, so we're talking a tiny movement here. One that's detected by your device, but not by a clueless onlooker.
(If you're worried they see you move your finger an 8th of an inch or so, put up some drama as you plop down your finger and let that--wild grimaces, sound-effects, an air of extreme concentration--distract them from watching your finger too closely.)
You predefine the range of IQ values you want yourself, your clued-in friends (up to 3), and your victim to have. There will be slight variation in the reported values, for more "realism" and better effect.

The UI for setting the IQs is hidden away. It's not in the app, but in the Settings app. (Duh!) Hard-nosed skeptics who will try to find evidence of foul play in the app, shake the device, etc., will never look there.


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April's Fool: Your IQ screenshot 1 April's Fool: Your IQ screenshot 2 April's Fool: Your IQ screenshot 3 April's Fool: Your IQ screenshot 4

App Changes

  • March 31, 2014 Initial release

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