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Create Personal Password-Protected
Website authentication capabilities for sites requiring a user name and a password to login, such as: WebMail for MS Exchange Server.
Private Browsing, Private
Bookmarks, Private History, Instapaper
Integration, Search Twitter, MySpace,
Facebook and more…
Bookmark search
Quick Start screen with images
Email Link
Open Link in Safari
Auto-Rotation Control
Clear Profile History
Set Home Page
Full Screen and More...

Personal password-protected profiles can be created or deleted.
Profiles hold settings such as: history, bookmarks, folders and homepage setting.
Profiles allow you to password protect all your browsing information (history, folders, bookmarks and the Quick Start screen) . This way anyone can use the same browser, but keep his or her browsing experience confidential.
A default profile is provided to quickly let you start browsing without the need for a password-protected profile.

Built-in Search
Choose from the following ten search engines:
Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, and

Bookmark Search
Have you found yourself looking for that bookmark that you know you have but can't quite remember where? This issue has been solved with the built-in partial name bookmark search. Go to folders and start typing what you remember and a bookmark list will begin to populate as you type. This is useful if you have a good number of bookmarks to keep track of.

For your convenience all profiles keep track of the last 20 websites you have visited.

This service is integrated and will allow you to save any website to the Instapaper servers. An Instapaper account is free and required if you would like to use it. Please visit the Instapaper website “” for more information. Safe Software Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with Instapaper.

Startup Page
Choose one of three possible startup pages: the nine-image Quick Start screen, a specific folder or the home page.
If a folder or a Quick Start screen is not configured as the startup page, the home page will load by default when you log in to your profile. If a folder is designated as the startup page, it will only become the startup page if the selection of the Quick Start screen as startup is off. When the Quick Start screen is configured as the startup page, it will overrule both the folder and the homepage.

Quick Start Screen
The Quick Start screen is a unique and useful feature. This screen holds up to 9 images you can choose from your picture roll on the iPhone. You can assign a website and a label to each image.
The Quick Start screen can be designated as the startup page when you log in to your profile or when the application is started in the default profile. When the Quick Start screen is set up as your startup page, this will overrule the folder or the home page startup.

Bookmarks and Folders
Create or delete bookmarks. You can name a bookmark or modify the website address before saving it.
Create a single nested level of folders. You can delete folders or bookmarks by swiping.
When set, a folder will become the startup page every time you log in to your profile or when the application is started in the default profile as long as the selection of the Quick Start screen as startup is off.

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