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Welcome to a brand-new News Discovery Experience!

The app has been completely redesigned to make it even easier and more enjoyable to quickly discover the news you need. Plus, now you can choose the Grouping Topics that matter to you.

More functionality, better looking, more customizable. A free update for my loyal customers.

-- Now when you choose an organization, not only you get their latest news, but the app will also automatically load that news grouped by several topics, in the background, ready for you to view.

-- The new Groups Manager allows you to re-order and set the autoload feature for each Grouping topic

-- NEW: Over 1100 Grouping Topics are now available for you to extend and customize your app!

-- In addition to the ability to save news articles to the device for off-line reading, you can now also send them to your Instapaper account for reading on other devices.

More updates to come, please let me know your priorities.

Thank you for your purchase, and as always, feedback is welcomed.

App Description

govTracker is a News Discovery Tool designed to find timely news about US governmental organizations, and then discover new linkages between them and other topics of interest.

This is the iPad compatible version, featuring new layouts that make the app much more pleasant to use. However, this will not run on iPhones or iPods, so if you plan to use those, we recommend you purchase the iPhone/iPod version, which will also run great on the iPad.

govTracker includes listings of US House, Senate, and Joint Committees, Government Agencies, Offices, and Departments, and Political Parties, as well as categories for Government Contracts and Grants, awarded and announced.

Using powerful object-based meta-data technology, govTracker news results are not only highly targeted, they can be easily cross-searched against a variety of other news "objects".

This ability to construct accurate, instantaneous groupings of news articles can bring to light "hidden" relationships you may not have been aware of - it is the essence of news discovery.

Possible groupings include:
-- World Regions
-- US States
-- Current Events
-- Industries
-- Business Events
-- Publications
-- Elected Officials

Traditional search engines force you to know what you're looking for before you start your search. In contrast, govTracker's news categorizations have already mapped out the deep unseen relationships, so you can quickly find what you need to know, before you knew to look for it. This is a significant advancement in search technology, now publicly available to you in the palm of your hand.

govTracker is powered by Llesiant technology, which is currently in use at federal agencies, the department of defense, congressional offices, and major US corporations and law firms - helping their staff to keep track of issues that matter to them. Now that power is available to you, to help you keep track of our government.

*** Independent Reviews ***
Dave Eaton, of the 1st Impressions Blog, tested and praised the iPhone version of govTracker:

"When it comes to govTracker there is just one word that comes to my mind: WOW!!"

"govTracker is THE must have app if you care about anything at all about what is happening within our government."

"Unlike almost all of the mainstream media outlets, govTracker is completly unbiased and simply provides you with the facts."

"Don’t let the price cause you to hesitate in purchasing this for your iPhone or iPad. It should be required for anyone registered to vote…."


*** Free Sample Search ***
Please visit http://gov-Tracker.com
for more information, including more screenshots and a free sample search, so you may experience for yourself the cutting edge of search technology.

Also from pTracker, LLC:
politicoTracker - same technology, applied in reverse. Search for news about any US politician, then group by Government Agency or other topic.

iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • June 24, 2011 New version 2.0