What's New

- Added arrow indicators at the beginning of lanes to show when you can launch the next slug
- Quicker finish of roads (no more tug of war at the end)
- Made tower placement easier (we're going to make them moveable as suggested by BobFarmer in another update...thanks for the idea Bob!)
- Made the Mama slug and the Dirigible bigger on screen
- Reduced the mine's strength against your own slugs
- Cleaned up some memory problems and fixed a few bugs

App Description

Thanks APPLE for putting us on "Whats Hot!" In honor of this, the game is on sale for 50% off.

Thanks everyone for downloading our latest update, we hope this addresses the most pressing play issues, there are many more updates on the way including new units, and new story elements.

1. Even better tower placement
2. Better play balancing
3. Faster award of new units

For those of you experiencing crashes, re-start your iPad (hold down home button and power button for 10 seconds) and the crashes will go away.

The year is 1944, and four families of ferocious military bred attack slugs have escaped into the wilds of Weed Patch. The four families, The Escar Gold, The Blood Red, The Gang Green and The Blackened Blue forge a tenuous peace but the discovery of a cache of weapons of mass salination initiates an arms race that leads to all out WAR!

Slug Wars: To Shell and Back is a simply addictive real-time strategy game optimized for the iPad that’s all about choosing which units will make maximum impact on the battlefield. In this expansion of the acclaimed iPhone/iPod game, slug units race down slime trails to reach the enemy base, engaging foes head-on along the way. Defend your base from the incoming enemy with a wild variety of soldiers and ingenious towers, all while trying to defeat your enemy’s forces!

“(An) amusing take on tower defense games… great graphics and character design!" -Wired

"Slug Wars is a goofy strategy/tower defense game that is addictive and fun." -iPhone Life

“hours of fun/replayability, good art and strategy; well worth the price!" -iGame Radio

• Innovative 4-Player mode, optimized for the iPad! Put the iPad on the table, gather around and play!
• Ingenious new tower units for enhanced strategy play!
• Unique story and campaign mode
• Over 50 single player and multiplayer levels through 5 new environments
• Unlock loads of new units and weapons as you defeat your enemy!

iPhone Screenshots

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Slug Wars: To Shell and Back screenshot 1

iPad Screenshots

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Slug Wars: To Shell and Back screenshot 2 Slug Wars: To Shell and Back screenshot 3 Slug Wars: To Shell and Back screenshot 4 Slug Wars: To Shell and Back screenshot 5 Slug Wars: To Shell and Back screenshot 6

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