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Whoodl—Recall Names App

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“Remember that a person’s name is to them...the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
–Dale Carnegie, Author, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Do you always have to ask your friend, “What’s that guy’s name?”

Ever get caught greeting an acquaintance from your social club with, “hey…Bud?” or “hey…You?”

Forgot the boss’ husband’s name from last year’s company party?

Is there one person you always run into at the coffee shop, but can’t remember their name?

Would your acquaintance like it if you recalled their children’s names?

Ever been embarrassed to approach someone because you forgot their name?

Not anymore…”Whoodl it!” and never forget a name again.

It is proven that people with great interpersonal skills are more successful in their careers, personal relationships and communities.

Recall Names–in an instant. Search a group of names before any function or event so you know their names before you arrive. That’s right. Before you go to the gym, enter “gym” in Whoodl, and you will know all the names of the people in your gym. If you’ve ever had a problem recalling someone’s name—you need Whoodl.

You may be saying to yourself right now... “But I have an address book and contact list on my iPhone/ipod Touch/iPad. I don’t need Whoodl.” Wrong. Woodl is for the contacts that you wouldn’t necessarily have (or want) in your address book. Why? Because you don’t want their phone number, email address or physical address. It can take some significant time to open your address book, find the name of the person and search for their connections. Don’t clog up your address book with people that you only want to know their name.

Compared to other recall apps, Whoodl is lightning fast. It’s easy to add names and keywords. Add a name in seconds. Search a name in less than a second. Whether you need to recall 5 names or 500 names…“Whoodl it!”

How does it work?

Here is an example: You meet Dave Lux at The Ritz restaurant. You find out he is the owner. You want to remember his name for future visits to the restaurant. Hit Whoodl, Press +, type in Dave Lux. Under groups keywords, type in “ritz” and hit save. Before you go back to the restaurant, launch Whoodl, key in “ritz”, and Dave Lux appears in less than a second. How impressed will Dave be when you say, “Hi, Dave.”?

Here”s another example: You go to the gym, but you forget people’s names because you don’t see them that often. Let’s say that you want to remember Anna and Thea. First add “Anna” with the group keyword “gym”. Then also add “Thea” with the group keyword “gym.” Next time you go to the gym, launch Whoodl, enter “gym”, and Anna and Thea will appear. You won’t forget anyone’s name at the gym again.

Just enter a name and type in a group keyword (i.e. where you met, club, business, church, school, gym, friend’s house, social occasion, child’s friends, physical characteristics, occupation, etc.). You can abbreviate for quicker entry.

You want to recall the name of a neighbor that you see twice a year? Just “Whoodl-It!”

By the way, it’s all backed up in Itunes.

*** Look forward to release of a desktop app for data entry from your computer keyboard ***
Read what others have to say about Whoodl:

“I tried another recall APP to recall names but Whoodl was the easiest and FASTEST”!!!
---Grant W., Pennsylvania

“I use Whoodl before I go to my club. I am never embarrassed to see someone I haven’t seen for 6 months. I always know their names.”
--- Paul J., New Jersey

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App Changes

  • June 24, 2011 New version 1.5