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Winner 2nd Place 2009 Best App Ever Awards - Trivia!

FEATURED! MacWorld,, The Apple Blog - The first Trivia game on the App Store that allows you to play phone against phone using a Bluetooth connection! Play multiplayer anywhere - Play on Planes, Trains and Automobiles!


Are You Ready?

Survival of the Smartest.

Trivia Wars uses the latest iphone technology in this solo or multiplayer, fast paced battle of brain over brawn. Test your own IQ power in solo mode or challenge an oponnent heads up over a Bluetooth connection to prove that you indeed have the sharpest intellect.

Versatile Aptitude.

With 1000's of Trivia questions and a diverse selection of Trivia categories, Trivia Wars allows you to heighten your genius with hours of gear-grinding entertainment. You can choose to attack all the Trivia categories during your game or hone in on one to master the subject.


1) Entertainment

2) General Knowledge
Computers & Technology
Food & Beverage
General Trivia
Health and Fitness
Math and Science

3) Geography
U.S. Geography
World Geography

4) Sports
Auto Racing
General Sports

*NEW! - 4 new categories are now available.
- Movies
- Music
- Art and Literature
- World History


Game Options:

Fade Out Non-Answers - Set the non-answers to fade out as the timer ticks down or test your skills by keeping all four answers on the board.

Pace - With 3 game speeds you can master your timing.

Rounds - Set the number of rounds you would like to play for yourself or you and your opponent. Choose from 5, 10, 20, 25, 40 and 50 rounds.

Game Difficulty - There are two different game difficulty settings, Normal and Advanced. Normal consists of easy to moderate style questions while Advanced well, if your playing this mode then I don't think we really need to explain it to you.

- Multiplayer mode does NOT work with iPhone 1st Generations.
- To play Multiplayer both phones must be running Trivia Wars. (A free version is currently under review which will allow two people to play where one person has the full version and the other has the free version.)
- If you are having problems connecting to another player via Bluetooth. Exit the application on both phones, return to TRIVIA WARS and hit connect with both phones again. It can take upwards of 30 seconds sometimes.

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