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" of the better (and substantially more hectic) cannon firing games I've played recently. A delightfully ridiculous game with an even more ridiculous premise."
Touch Arcade

"...nobody has found the real Holy Grail of app concepts… until now. Pairing peoples insatiable appetite for zombies with ragdoll blasters, Freeverse and h.grenade have created the ultimate game..."

No one has ever claimed that Zombies are very smart. They are however, very busy. In ZCC! three of these morons crash land on our lovely little planet and build a cannon to attempt to fire themselves back into space. With a fierce need to feed and a couple of spare circus parts, they quickly build a cannon in an unlikely attempt to fire themselves back into space. At the very least they can save some hapless and unfortunate humans along the way and then eat their brains.

Use your Zombie Cannon to fire Pee-Pee Boy, Z-Emo and Rot Bot into the night sky, and activate your Jet Pack to avoid obstacles and even the pesky Police Helicopter. Hit pinball bumpers and multiple objects to crank up your bonuses and try to find all eleven Signature Impacts for maximum points. If that somehow isn't enough carnage, you can earn the power to call in Air Strikes on yourself, a chainsaw to wield and more at the Upgrade-O-Matic vending machine! Never, ever turn your back on the evil Ice Cream Truck, he will tear you a new popsicle hole!

The Zombie Superheroes from Outer Space! are completely destructible and so is the highly detailed city. Do enough damage to the environment and you are awarded with the powers of Self Destruction! Travel the furthest distance possible, do the most damage imaginable and then choose something nice to crash into.

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☠ Exploding Ragdoll Zombies!!
☠ Destructible Characters / Pee-Pee Boy, Z-Emo and Rot Bot
☠ Destructible Environment with Realistic Physics
☠ Blood, Fire, Chainsaws, Airstikes, TNT Crates + Clowns
☠ 11 Sick Signature Impact Trophies to Collect
☠ Upgradeable Zombie Cannon, Jet Pack Fuel and Armor
☠ Bonus Multipliers and Combo Bonuses for serious points
☠ Plus+ Online Leaderboards, Awards and Friends
☠ Insane Ragdoll Carnage / Brutal Falls, Impacts and Explosions
☠ Impaling!

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