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Golf Bets (

Provides golfers with Scorekeeping and
accurate Game Bet Accounting and totals.

* * *

- Acts as your own rules official and accountant to determine the correct outcome of the bets!

- No more arguments over correct handicaps for the tees being played.

- No more complex "green-eye-shade" accounting in the clubhouse after the round trying to figure out who won and who lost.

- No more wasted time waiting for the final bet results.

- Final game bet results are available as soon as the round is over, with current status available during the round!

- Play up to 5 games at a time, plus presses!

- Players can use different tees for the round, handicaps are automatically adjusted.

- Handicaps are automatically adjusted so men and women can compete fairly.

* * *

The Games:
Nassau Format option
Best Ball (4 players)
Individual Game (2-4 players)
Specials Individual (2-4 players)
Specials Partner (2-4 players)
Skins (2-4 players)
Skins No Carry (2-4 players)
Bingo Bango Bongo (2-4 players)
Nines (3 players)
Las Vegas (4 players)
Wolf (4 players)

* * *

Golf Bets calculates each Player's exact Handicap for the round according to the official USGA Handicap System prescribed methodology. Golf Bets uses each Player‚'s Index and the Slope of the tees being used for the round to calculate the Player's Handicap.

Once each Player's Course Handicap (cHCP) has been determined, the cHCP of all Players is Reduced by the cHCP of the Player with the lowest cHCP, who then plays from scratch. The Reduced Handicap (rHCP) is then used to determine how many Strokes a Player is to receive. The Handicap rating of each Hole determines where the Players' strokes would apply during the round.

Setting up Courses:

Golf Bets requires that the Scorekeeper (iPhone owner) enter information about the Course, Tees and Holes to be played. This course information takes just a few minutes and only needs to be done once. Golf Bets will retain the Course Setup information in its database for future rounds.

Setting up Players:

Golf Bets requires that the Scorekeeper enter information about each Player. The information is Name, Initials, Gender, and either current Index or assigned Handicap (some Players do not have an established GHIN Index). The information only needs to be entered once. GHIN Indexes are updated twice a month so the Scorekeeper should make sure that a Player's Index is current for the round.

Setting up the Round:

The Scorekeeper sets up the round by selecting the Course, the Players, the Tees that each player will use, the Games to be played during the round, the Options (e.g., Stroke or Match, 18 or 9 holes, Nassau Format, etc.), Game Bet amounts, and Teams.

Entering Scores:

After finishing a Hole, the Scorekeeper enters the score for each Player and any Game-specific information, such as Specials, Bingo Bango Bongo, Las Vegas partners, Wolf input, and Individual and Team Presses.

The Scorekeeper can view information specifics about each of the Holes by scrolling back or forward on the Hole number. Corrections can be made to scores or game specifics if mistakes were made.

View Card Status:

In the "View Card Status" screen, the Scorekeeper can see each Player's Bet status, Front/Back/18 Gross and Net Scores, and each Player's cHCP (Course Handicap) and rHCP (Reduced Handicap).

The scorekeeper can also view the Score and Bet details for each Player, Team and Game.

* * *

Golf Bets will soon be adding games and upgrading features. User input will be important in determining the games and features added.

Send Feedback, Suggestions, Bugs, etc. to [email protected]

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App Changes

  • June 21, 2014 Price decrease: $8.99 -> $1.99