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Yes, it has been far tooooo long since we put out a Yipe5 update. This isn't a major update, but does alter some balance issues, fixes a couple minor things and adds a new things or two.

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Two new grid rooms added.
Increased graphic resolutions to allow for better display when played on iPad.
Detects rotation events properly and allows game to be played in either left or right orientation.

Balance changes:
Monster HP increased for all monsters in the NED cave.
All heal shop items that are used directly in the heal shop have increased healing amounts.
Adjusted cave 1 a bit to add more monsters to get to final room.
New characters now have starting HP increased by 1.
New characters start with an extra healing item.
Starting gold from King increased based on difficulty level.

Bug fixes:
Fixed bug with carrying capacity. In some versions, was allowing unlimited items.

Other changes:
Memory improvements to load most game tile graphics on-demand instead of keeping most of them always in memory.
Various other minor bug fixes and text changes.

App Description

Yipe 5 now available in a FREE lite version!

Yipe! 5 - Attack of Idle Hands is an epic new Role Playing Game (RPG) for the iPhone, featuring simple yet uncanny gameplay ... to provide you hours of escape from your normal work-a-day life! Create your own hero and set off on "Big Time" adventures in minutes!!!



"Yipe 5 is a simple old-school RPG that has quickly won my heart ..."
Bonnie Eisenman, 148 Apps

"YIPE 5! is the fantastic three-way fusion of vinyl, gaming and your trusty iPhone - a perfect timewaster for long train journeys or that painful Christmas stay with relatives that drive you nuts."
Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek

"All of the text in the game is hilarious."
Chris Reed, Slide to Play

"It's by far the most quirky and fun RPG I have played on the iPhone -- I'll be looking forward to the future installments!"
Colette Bennett, Tomopop

"Yipe 5 is a blast. The pacing is great, it's fun to explore, and it's hilarious. "
TouchArcade Forums

"[Yipe] has that "just a few more minutes" draw to it, and before I knew it the day was gone and the quests were finished."
TouchArcade Forums


Yipe! 5 is the latest release from a series of highly acclaimed underground RPGs, and better yet ... Yipe! 5 is the first version made exclusively for the iPhone.

Sure, you'll find the usual trappings of an RPG ... an inexhaustible world for exploration, challenging quests, and an apocalyptic crisis threatening to destroy everything in the known universe, yada yada, but you'll also find that Yipe! has its own "special" sense of humor, along with a host of odd-ball monsters ...... quixotic plot twists, and unique items ... including juicy cheeseburgers. Mmmm, cheeseburgers ...


Dedicated game website: www.yipe5.com


The lite version has in-app purchasing options to purchase the full game so that you can continue playing with your saved characters! The lite version contains: You will be able to explore the first cave and advance through the first 8 levels of the game.


Welcome to the world of Yipe!


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