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Eliminates possible problems in low memory conditions. Minor bug fix.

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OnScreen QB Stats from OnScreen Science, Inc. is an app for recording, calculating, and reviewing quarterback passing results during and after a football game. So, if you're someone that needs to (or would just like to) know exactly how well the quarterbacks are doing in the game you're watching or helping to coach, OnScreen QB Stats may be just what you want. You (fan, coach, or youth league parent) record the results of each passing attempt, while the app automatically calculates the pass completion percentage, average yards gained per attempt and per completion, and the quarterback's rating according to the NFL formula or the NCAA passing efficiency formula.

The app also stores and displays the numbers of times the quarterback has been sacked and intercepted, the total number of plays from scrimmage run with the quarterback, and the quarterback's longest pass completion of the game.

Quarterbacks from either one or both teams (including substitutions) can be followed during a game. In order to make sure accurate pass completion yardages are recorded OnScreen QB Stats provides a way for you to set the new line of scrimmage marker after each play. Then when a pass is completed, you set the new line, and the app computes and records the yards gained on the play, adding it to the total.

The current game situation--line of scrimmage, down, and yards to go for a first down--are displayed after every play you record both as a check on your recording accuracy (assuming the information is available elsewhere) and a handy way of reminding yourself of the situation.

In order to eliminate accidental entering of pass data, the buttons for pass results (completion, incompletion, etc.) require a double tap. Other buttons for running plays, kicks, penalties, and for adjusting the line of scrimmage only require one tap.

Once the game is over, you can email the results to anyone you choose. In addition to sending a text summary of the stats you can choose to attach a file to import to a spreadsheet for easy keeping of cumulative stats. By all means, feel free to cc the results to [email protected]

The user's guide is available online: http://nondummies.com/qbstats.pdf. The app is simple to learn and use, but it requires a little practice to know what to do without thinking about it. We suggest recording a bit of a game you're not that interested in for practice, or even stepping through the plays in a play-by-play summary such as yahoo sports provides for games.

There's no problem in leaving the app to do something else on your iPhone during a timeout, for example. The app will resume right where you left off when you go back to it. It's easy to move to the app's current line of scrimmage marker to the proper place if you somehow get lost or miss a couple of plays. And if you know of a pass you missed, you can edit the pass result fields to get caught up to date.

The app has been designed and tested with the goal of requiring the least effort and attention, while still keeping track of where the ball is after each play, so that passing yardage will be accurately recorded. We found that following a game on tv can be challenging because, in the age of three in the booth and constant chatter and replays, many announcers no longer actually say what yard line the ball is currently on. But by waiting to tap in the yard line info until we could glimpse the marker, we could still do it OK.

We hope you like OnScreen QB Stats. Please let us know either way at [email protected] We know users are the best source of ideas for improvement.

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App Changes

  • June 24, 2011 New version 1.1.1
  • September 21, 2011 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • October 10, 2011 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99

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