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App Description

The cocktail Shaker is a tool designed for anyone having a party, at a party or just looking to make an exciting new drink.

The app enables you to find possible cocktails given the ingredient you choose, save these cocktails to your favourites and learn the full ingredients and making of the cocktail. The application is easy to use and has over 4,000 cocktails in its database, split by ingredient, alcoholic or non alcoholic.

The main screen allows you to either shake or swipe the iphone to get a randomly generated cocktail. You can limit this random search to a specific type i.e. alcoholic or non alcoholic, ingredient or specific starting letters for the name e.g. names starting with ma would return Margarita, Mad Dog etc, or you can make the whole process a surprise!

Once the generated cocktail appears you can either add the cocktail to your favourite list or read more details about the cocktail by navigating to the detail screen. The detail screen shows the full ingredients and recipe instructions of the cocktail.

The search screen enables you to search through the list of cocktails to find one you like. You can search via full name or via beginning letters. It displays the ingredients and instructions to make each cocktail and also enables you to add it to your favourites.

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