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"Wanted: Servant to retrieve stolen treasure from labyrinth. Ability to distinguish jewels from worthless baubles. No Claustrophobia or Taurophobia a plus." – King Minos

In MinoMaze, the mischievous, youthful Minotaur has snuck treasure from his step-dad (King Minos) and hid it in his maze. The King is sending YOU, his most trusted servant, to get it all back! Can you recover all of the jewels and escape while evading the ferocious little beast? Be careful: the Minotaur knows his way through the twisty little passages of the maze, but YOU have to find your own way – without knowing where the walls are. Hide quickly should you ever wander into the Minotaur’s gaze…

Swipe your thumbs or fingers using MinoMaze’s innovative swipe control to shuffle through the maze. Try using both of your thumbs to really hustle! And you’d better, because the Minotaur will try to grab the jewels back before you find them. Fortunately, he is just as fond of worthless baubles and trinkets. His distraction often gives you a chance to sneak by!

To survive long enough in order to achieve really high scores, you'll need patient stealth, keen observation, and smart tactics.

MinoMaze is an ideal pick-up game while waiting in labyrinthine lines at airports, government offices, and doctors’ waiting rooms.

Key Features of MinoMaze include:
* Explore an unlimited number of mazes.
* Humorous cartoon characters.
* Innovative dual-thumb swipe control.
* High score “Hall of Honor”.

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