App Description

Tap your way to kraziness with "Krazy Tap"!

You are given a pile of numbered chips, and the challenge is to eliminate the chips as quickly as possible by tapping them in a particular order.

There are 48 levels, involving combinations of: low-to-high ordering, high-to-low ordering, gaps in ordering, pairs, adding numbers, moving pieces, and mirrored numbers.

There are 4 difficulty options: Easy, Medium (the default), Hard, and Expert. Higher difficulty settings have more chips on the board, and have lower time limits. Once you have mastered the "Medium" level, playing at "Hard" or "Expert" is a whole new experience!

Adding to the amusement are flies that swarm around the chips! Tap them for bonus points!

There are 8 player rankings, from "Tap Noob" to "Tap Krazy".

Krazy Tap is krazy fun!

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Krazy Tap screenshot 1 Krazy Tap screenshot 2 Krazy Tap screenshot 3 Krazy Tap screenshot 4 Krazy Tap screenshot 5

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