What's New

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This version of uFlute adds:
Support for iPod Touch 4G
Support for iPhone 4
iOS 4.2 compatibility
Easier to use for beginning players
Upgrade to iAD network

App Description

*** NEW! Try our new HT Video Recorder App ***
uFlute creates emotion-filled music evocative of Nature and the outdoors. Try playing your uFlute wherever you go - especially in a canyon (or a stairwell!), outdoors, and even in a hotel room - and feel the music blend with nature.

This LITE version of uFlute is supported by banner-ads at the bottom of the screen.

uFlute uses the same fingering as the new TRUMPLET application - so learn one set of fingerings and get to play two different instruments!

uFlute's new sound engine provides low latency 'Blow to play' performance even on original (pre-3G) iPhone.

uFlute is inspired by one of the most beautiful musical instruments ever created: the Native American Flute. Great for both adults and children. A full flute mode offers an 18-note chromatic scale. A simplified fingering mode utilizes the pentatonic minor scale, a set of notes that sound quite special when played with one another, enabling people without musical training to begin playing sound sequences that "go well together" right away.

Fingering is very similar to that of the traditional Native American Flute in key of A, so learning uFlute will help you learn a real-world instrument as well.

- Tilt to control loudness
- Full 18-note chromatic scale.
- 'Touch to play' and 'Blow to play' modes
- Record and playback
- Library of previous performances

On the iPhone, uFlute is played by blowing gently into the lower edge of the phone, while performing touch fingering patterns that select what note to play. On iPod Touch, we recommend use of 'Touch To Play' mode, in which sound is played whenever fingers touch the screen.

uFlute is the perfect companion to 'miniSynth', 'Harmonica', 'Ocarina', and 'Leaf Trombone' for serious fun and education at the same time.

Enjoy uFlute and have fun!


1. When using headphones that have a microphone built-in. blow on the microphone that you plugged-in, rather than on the microphone that is built-in to the phone.

2. For a really fine flute performance or recording session, put your iPhone in airplane mode with WiFi turned off, so that processing of incoming E-mail or phone calls will not disturb your flute performance.

iPhone Screenshots

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uFlute Lite - Native American Flute Simulator screenshot 1

App Changes

  • June 24, 2011 New version 2.8

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