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So... we’ve all seen the commercials where Verizon is attacking the iPhone. Any self respecting iPhone owner already knows that we have the best device, but no matter how much we know it is the best, we still feel that certain something to even the score.

It wasn’t really possible - until now! Introducing Phone Bully by Dirty Bird Interactive. The first in our Cheesy Game series (which are games that are cheesy!)

Take your frustration out on a Motorola Droid phone, smack it around, beat it up and hear it yell ouch in it’s robotic like voice. It’s not complex, after all, it’s an old fashioned beat down with a technology twist.

The next time you are at a party or gathering and you get some jerk touting “The Network” and their Droid phone, pull out Phone Bully and beat the Droid to a pulp right in front of them!

The jerk will be speechless as they reach for their Droid to find they cannot beat your iPhone up, and they just sit in tears as the Droid screams for help.

It’s no Grand Theft Auto, and it's cheesy, but it sure does feel good! :)

iPhone Screenshots

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Phone Bully screenshot 1 Phone Bully screenshot 2

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