App Description

Tranquil Mind combines a sophisticated Ambient Sound Mixer and scientifically engineered Binaural Brainwave Entrainment tones to create the ultimate sleep app.

** Ambient Sound Mixer **

Using the ambient sound mixer you can mix multiple relaxing ambient and nature sounds and adjust the relative volume of each. Your preferences will automatically be saved for future use.

** Advanced Brainwave Entrainment **

Tranquil Mind also provides multiple binaural brainwave entrainment programs including:

- Serenity Meditation
- Calm Waters
- Chakra Meditation
- Zen Meditation

** How Brainwave Entrainment Works **

Various brainwave frequencies are known to be associated with different states of mind, from intense arousal to deep sleep. Not only can these frequencies be measured, but they can also be induced using binaural brainwave entrainment.
Brainwave frequencies are too low for the human ear to hear by themselves, however, these low-frequencies can be perceived by the human brain if two different audible frequencies are played separately into each ear with headphones, and the difference between those two frequencies is equal to the desired brainwave frequency.

For example, the human ear can't directly perceive a 2 Hz Delta-wave frequency
associated with deep sleep, but if you wear headphones with one side playing a 135 Hz tone and the other playing a 137 Hz tone your brain will perceive the 2 Hz difference between those frequencies. After several minutes of listening your brainwaves will begin to match that frequency, and as a result the
associated state of mind will be induced.

This application is unique in that it not only uses basic brainwave entrainment but also uses complex frequency combinations and sequences to create very specific states of mind. These techniques allow the application to take the user through a series of frequencies.

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