App Description

FollowYou simplifies following twitter.

- Connect each other via Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi), and exchange twitter profile
- Follow immediately
- Follow between more than one device
- Follow new friends later if internet is not available ("Follow Later Mode")
- Enable to manually input account name if Ad-Hoc connection is not available
- Enable to change background color
* Connection via P2P depends on the device condition or environment
* Although tap [Reload] or restart application, Ad-Hoc connection is not available, please reboot your device

# Normal Mode
- Input twitter account and password and tap [Verify Account]
- Enable to change background color
- Tap [▼] button (on right-top corner) to show menu
o Reload : Reset searching devices
o Setting : Show setting panel
o Manual : Input friend's account manually
o Lists : Show lists of friends waited to follow
o Reference : Show reference of icons
- Application search devices immediately after launch
- Find other devices, then automatically connect it to show account information
- You can confirm follow the friend or not by icons (mean of icons is displayed [Menu]=>[Reference])
- Tap [i] button to show profile
- Tap [Follow] button to follow the friend
# Follow Later Mode
This mode is to follow friends later if network accidents occurred
Tap [Menu]=>[Lists] to show list of friends
This mode is different from "Normal Mode" only in not using Ad-Hoc connection
- Tap [▼] button (on right-top corner) to show menu
o Back : Go back to Normal Mode
o Reload : Reset searching devices
o Delete : Delete all lists

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