What's New

In the scientific part of the calculator, the interface has been re-done to include more functions including LCM, GCD, and a few others.

A tip calculator has also been added. Submit your information and click calculate and it will tell you spot on the amount of the payments of the tip, split and total. It includes tax in the results.

In app support has also been added to make it easier to contact for support and other information.

App Description

This is a beautifully designed RPN Calculator that is easy to use and yet is complicated enough for advanced users.

This calculator comes with many nice handy features that other calculators don't come with. My Calculator is RPN, so it is quicker to do your adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing, or any other thing you are doing with it. It is also is very eye appealing and is extremely easy to use. When you pick it up, you see all of the buttons; no little orange key to press to access another button that has tiny letters above it.

You can add as many numbers you want onto the stack for use.

The first number is on stack "1". Whenever another number is popped "1" goes to stack "2" and so on like on other RPN Calculators.

In Reverse Polish Notation the operators follow their operands. For instance "2 + 4" in other calculators, you would write "2 4 +". They both equal six. RPN Calculators also require less key punching than other calculators. An RPN Calculator does not require parenthesis like other calculators. For example 9 * (6 - 3) + 7 in an RPN Calculator is 6 3 - 9 * 7 +.

The fraction calculator makes it easy to do those pesky fractions. It shows the equivalent decimal and mixed number of every fraction. No more need of pencil and paper with fractions.

This will be updated in the future with a financial calculator, a fraction calculator, and an amortization schedule; a complete financial suite; and the update if you have previously bought it will be free. Once the update comes the price will change. So it is better to buy it now, than wait and pay more.

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