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Best 99 cents investment for your health in year 2010 and beyond !!

Do you feel an urge to smoke, drink or consume a particular food which you know for sure is bad for your health ? You have had several resolution but due to lack of data you give up easily ? Here is a powerful application that helps you live healthier and longer by keeping a more disciplined approach towards how much drinks and food you are consuming.

This application allows you to track and later see the history and consumption patterns of multiple drinks, food and cigarettes.

Fluids : water Beer Coffee Wine Whisky Espresso Tea Soda etc.

Solids and semi solids : Burgers French Fries Chips Chocolates Ice cream etc.

-Multiple drinks or food tracking (add your own drink and solids)
-Graphs for any given period
-Extremely easy to use for elderly people or kids

Kick off that unhealthy eating habit and have a healthy life !!!

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