What's New

- new stuff (such a scuba, mamothproof vest and other)
- custom levels
- some cool secrets

App Description

"That's insanely addictive and fun"
Friend of mine

"Really cute game!"
Some guy from the subway

Millions of people from all around the world have.... never even heard about this game. So do you wanna be like them? Do you wanna be no different from the others? Be ordinary?
No! I can feel that you are not like them! You are special! So don't be like majority! Try this game. You'll like it!

What you get by trying our game is:
- bright original graphics
- excellent sound track created exclusively for this game
- charming cute hero
- tons of fun and joy
- special unexpected extraordinary amazingly-fantastic stuff to make game even more interesting

So why are you still waiting? Monkey needs your help in its business!

You control little cute monkey and your goal is to not let bricks reach the ground. Destroy them by linking 4 or more bricks of the same color.

This is lite version of the game. Get full version to get full access to all features of the game!

Also check out my other apps like SeaBattle (damn, this one is really good!), BubbleGum and many others!

iPhone Screenshots

(click to enlarge)

Monkey Business Lite screenshot 1 Monkey Business Lite screenshot 2 Monkey Business Lite screenshot 3 Monkey Business Lite screenshot 4 Monkey Business Lite screenshot 5

App Changes


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