What's New

+ Increased Ammunition
+ Improved Controls
+ Additional controls
o Helicopter Hover
o Pirate Capture


+ Increased Ammo
o The number of canons, bombs and alligator attacks has been increased.

+ Improved Controls
o Canon fires when the canon is tapped, not otherwise.
o To fire the canon slide your finger up/down anywhere on the screen. Slide up to make canon point upwards, slide down to make canon point lower.
o Sensitivity of firing for helicopter has been increased.
o Alligator is more sensitive to touch, can trigger an attack easily

+ Additional controls
o Helicopter Hovers if you tap and hold it for more than 4 seconds. When hovering, the helicopter drops a bomb when tapped. To get the helicopter to move again, touch and drag it in the direction you want it to move.
o Pirates are captured when touched, if a pirate is escaping you can delay him by touching him, he will not be able to continue on his path till you release him. Pirates can be attacked when they are captured by you, this is a nifty feature to have specially if you are down to your last weapon and it's the last pirate left.

Note: To fire the canon all you need to do is tap only the canon. Firing elsewhere does not trigger the canon.


App Description

* The paid App: Pirate Shoot was *
* Featured on Apple Staff Favorites (US) *

Don't let the Pirates loot the booty. STOP THEM!!

You have an arsenal of cannon balls and bombs to shoot the pirates with.

An alligator, which you control to attack the pirates.

Enjoy unlimited levels of shooting a great pirate line up on different islands.

- Shoot a pirate down with a canon
- Drop a bomb from a moving helicopter, you can control the helicopter to make it hover, change direction as needed to attack.
- Direct an Alligator to attack the Pirates. You control the alligator, you can change it's direction when it's lurking in the water, hold it down to wait for the best moment to attack.
- Game is saved when you stop playing, you have a choice to resume playing a saved when you start the next game.

Controls :

- Fire the cannon by tapping it
- Change the cannon's firing angle by sliding your touch up/down anywhere on the screen

- Drop a bomb by tapping the helicopter
- Touch and hold
- Hold it a little longer to Hover
- Tap to drop a bomb when hovering
- Resume motion by dragging it horizontally
- Change the helicopters course by dragging it in the direction you want it to go ( Left or Right )

- Tap the alligator to trigger a Pirate attack
- Touch and hold
- Hold it a little longer and it pauses
- Tap to make it move
- Change the alligator's direction by touching and dragging it in the direction you want it to go ( Left or Right ).

Scoring ( based on Skill level ):
- +300 for every pirate shot/attacked.
- -200 if pirate escapes with the loot.
- Bonus based on skill level for unused canons, bombs and alligator's.

This is a Lite version of the full game, which can be bought in the App Store.

With the full game you can:
o Play unlimited levels
o Battle with all the Pirates
o Explore different islands
o Share your scores on Facebook

Enjoy shooting!

We would like to hear your feedback negative or positive, please write to us at [email protected]

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App Changes

  • December 25, 2012 Initial release