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Guns of War! - Fighter Pilot 3-D LITE

This is the LITE Version:
- Only one aircraft to chose from
- Only one difficulty level
- Only one game level
- No WIFI Multi-player
This 3-D Dog-Fighting Flight Simulation/SIM is what the iPhone/iPod touch was made for!


tilt the iPhone/iPod left and right to roll, and tilt it back and forth to pull back on the stick and pitch up and down.

drag your finger on the middle of the screen like an actual flight control stick. (We prefer the motion control though).

Cockpit View shows the pilots perspective although from outside and behind the plane.

Dogfight View can be quickly selected inflight and shows the closest bogey to you relative to your position. This allows you to 'Check Six O'Clock. Don't be limited to the small screen field of view (though don't spend alot of time in this view, it gets confusing and is just meant to find bogeys behind you).

Pointer arrows also point you in the direction of bogeys (toggle on and off).

SHOOT 50 caliber machine guns or heat seeking rockets at your enemy (the rockets are advanced prototypes for the 1940s, and therefore not as high tech as today's missiles... you are still going to need to be good with your guns).

One difficulty level only in the LITE version.
Defeat your opponent 5 times and you win the LITE version, becoming an Ace.
Fight only one bogey at a time in the LITE version.

Fight in Europe only in the LITE version.

Hear bullets whiz by your head as the enemy tracks you down, but misses as you maneuver to escape.

The flight controls and enemy tactics were designed by an actual Military Fighter Pilot, so get on your game!

SHOOT in front of the bogey and let him fly into your bullets. Pull your nose out in front, start shooting, then ease off the pull!

USE FULL THROTTLE to escape from bogeys, but pull the throttle way back when you are maneuvering in to shoot!

iPhone Screenshots

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3-D FIGHTER PILOT LITE : Guns of War screenshot 1 3-D FIGHTER PILOT LITE : Guns of War screenshot 2 3-D FIGHTER PILOT LITE : Guns of War screenshot 3 3-D FIGHTER PILOT LITE : Guns of War screenshot 4 3-D FIGHTER PILOT LITE : Guns of War screenshot 5

App Changes

  • January 03, 2014 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99

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