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It’s an action-packed, weapon using solitaire game where you fight against the hardest, nastiest pack of cards you’ve ever come across!

Hurl grenades, fire rocket launchers, toast them with flame throwers and even call in air strikes to help clear the cards in this thrilling, action-packed take on pyramid solitaire.

Use your skill and cunning (plus a few heavy weapons) to take down the evil Kings and save the world!

Be warned! You’ll want to play this addictive game over and over again!

Fun, simple to learn but hard to master!
Very addictive!
Use an arsenal of heavy weapons against the enemy!
Fun for the whole family!
The enemy cards fight back!
Each level is randomly generated so you never play the same game twice!
Auto saves so you can player for as long as you like or just in short bursts!

Weapon List:
Flame Thrower
Mind Control
Air Strikes

Review from
“It is absolutely a must-have game for anyone who enjoys the traditional game of Pyramid Solitaire.”
Rated 9/10

Review from
"Overall, I really enjoy playing this game. Very creative twist on a classic solitaire game."

Review from AppVersity
“It’s actually isn’t what I thought I’d be getting when I saw the name Solitaire Siege. I thought it would be another version of the game played against a computer opponent. But it turns out I was wrong… very wrong… and very happy.”
“Sound and game play make this game fun to play and well worth the price.”

YouTube Videos:
Solitaire Siege Intro

Solitaire Siege Weapons

Solitaire Siege Game Play

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