App Description

"My Aquarium Lite" is a free version of "My Aquarium". "My Aquarium Lite" is just like "My Aquarium", except that only 10 fish can be on the screen at once, and an invitation to buy the full version of the app appears when the app starts. We hope you enjoy "My Aquarium Lite" and decide to join the more than 20,000 people who bought the full version of "My Aquarium".

"My Aquarium Lite" simulates a real aquarium! Shake the phone to feed the fish, press a button to go on a tour of your aquarium, and even use your own photos as backgrounds.

"My Aquarium Lite" is fully customizable. Choose from many different fish, decorations, backgrounds, and gravel. Or, if you'd like the scenery to change right away, simply press the randomize button to see a whole new aquarium.


31 different species of tropical fish
22 different types of movable decorations
5 different backgrounds
5 different colors of gravel
Rotate the screen for a wide view.
Shake the phone to feed the fish.
Use your photos as backgrounds.
Press a button to tour the aquarium.

To Use:

When the menu is visible, touch anything to move or change it. When the menu is not visible, changes to the aquarium are "locked" but you can move around your new aquarium by moving your finger on the screen.

The menu allows you to add or remove fish and decorations, change the background, select a random aquarium, select a picture for the background, and mute the sound.

Works for all iPhone and iPod Touch.

Please go to to see a video of this app in action!

iPhone Screenshots

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