What's New

- Active Chats list updated to show timestamp of last message. Also shows in red text for chats that contain unread messages.

- Bug Fix: Tapping the '+' icon on the Active Chats screen now properly respects "initial contact" preference settings.

- Bug Fix: Outgoing sound used to play for each outgoing message on initial contact.

App Description

YouThere? is FREE SMS with Style!

Instead of potentially interrupting someone with a phone call, you can send them a special SMS/text-message instead, and let your friend decide how and when to reply.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 for YOU:

1) Tap one of your Favorites
2) Type a message
3) Tap Send

The message you typed is now "wrapped" with your mobile number and a special "YouThere?" reply link and sent out via SMS(*) and/or AOL's Instant Messaging network(*).

Easy as 1, 2, 3 for YOUR FRIEND:

1) If they are available, they can just call you back. Really easy if they have an iPhone since they can just tap on your phone number.

2) They can reply via SMS or their AOL client (including iChat) and the message gets back to you.

3) If they have a copy of YouThere?, they can tap the YouThere? link to launch into a chat session with you (WITHOUT using SMS).

Note: the recipient of your message does NOT need to have an iPhone.

(*) YouThere? REQUIRES a FREE AOL Instant Messaging account. You are not "charged" for outbound SMS messages.



• Uses an actual SMS gateway. It DOES NOT do "SMS via email".
• While it won't turn your iPod touch into an iPhone, it will allow iPod touch users to have SMS conversations!


• Clean, intuitive interface gives you just what you need and nothing more. As easy as a Tin Can and a piece of string.
• Entire application works in Landscape orientation. Yes, this means a wide keyboard for typing.
• Intuitive "Orientation Actions" option. Read in Portrait, type in landscape. Automatically initiates a reply when rotating from Portrait to Landscape, and automatically sends your message when you rotate back to Portrait.


• Address Book integration makes it easy to add users to your Favorites.
• "Smart Routing" remembers the last place your friend replied from and sends the next outgoing message to the right place.
• If you use an AOL Instant Messaging client on your desktop computer (like iChat), your existing buddy list will show up in the "Online" tab.


• Familiar 'Favorites' tab for quick access to your favorite people.
• No more fussing with trying to decide if you should launch the Messages application, your favorite chat client or the Phone app!
• Global settings can control if you want to send your phone number or the YouThere? reply link.
• Each Favorite can override the global contact settings.
• Set a custom background image for each of your Favorites so you know at a glance who you are chatting with.
• Active Chats are automatically cleared after a time period that you specify. Manual removal is also an option.


Follow @YouThereApp on twitter for tips, tricks and support.

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