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Do you remember anything you learned in your high school chemistry class? If not, this addictive game is probably to blame. Traditionally played with pen and paper to pass the time in boring situations, Sqwares (pronounced 'squares') is an old classic with a new spin.

Touch the screen or drag your finger to strategically place a line in the field of dots. When dragged, the line is offset slightly so its location on the board isn't hidden by your finger. When a square is created from four connecting lines, you earn a point and get to go again. Race the computer to win as much screen territory as you can.

Sqwares is fully animated, has lightning-fast touch response, and an adjustable difficulty slider. Move the slider to the left for an easier game, and the brain shrinks as an indication. Move it to the right and the brain grows, providing a much smarter computer opponent. There are even two board sizes depending on how long you want to play. Sharpen your strategic conquest skills with Sqwares!

Sqwares was developed using cocos2d, a powerful physics and animation package, providing a smooth and interactive user experience.

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