What's New

- new backgrounds


- AGON landscape fixed
- Music changes properly
- UFO doesn't fly out of the screen
- Levels don't open after explosion

App Description

What people say:
- My kids love playing it and I could not get my phone back for hours.
- This game are very fun and addictive. the graphics are very polished.
- This game has theme in droves, the graphics and music are superb!
- For a simple app it's fun. The yo yo concept is new and interesting.

Space Jam is a retro looking sci-fi arcade game with real physics, where you have to collect little ufonauts with your UFO, trying to avoid crashes with asteroids and mines.

The gameplay is unique because you move your UFO on a light beam like a YoYo. You must be very skillful to get the highest possible score.


- 20 levels
- 4 different music tracks
- AGON based Online Highscore
- Free updates

If you liked FlightControl or Rolando, you will love Space Jam.

Touch the UFO on the screen with your finger and move your finger to pull the UFO into different directions. As quicker you move your finger, as quicker will the UFO bounce around on the screen.

Try to find the right speed to collect the ufonauts. If you are too quick or too slow, they will be kicked away.

iPhone Screenshots

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A Space Jam screenshot 1 A Space Jam screenshot 2 A Space Jam screenshot 3 A Space Jam screenshot 4

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