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KuBUS is a 3-D elimination puzzle game with a brand new twist, litterally!

"Best puzzle game I have played!" - Beta tester

"It's just like [that other puzzle game] BUT IN 3-D! 3 times the strategy, 3 times the fun!" - Beta tester

It starts with a 3-D CUBE of jewels or BLOCKS!

You goal is to eliminate the BLOCKS and score lots of points. The more BLOCKS LINKED to other like BLOCKS the higher the score.

You LINK BLOCKS by tapping those that are adjacent to BLOCKS just like them!

You can maximize the BLOCK LINKAGE by FLIPPING-FLOPPING-ROTATING the CUBE. As the CUBE rotates, the BLOCKS fall into empty spots, changing the whole CUBE.

If you don't like the orientation of the BLOCKS as they stand, FLIP, FLOP and ROLL the cube in any direction and let the blocks fall into place. FLIP and FLOP the CUBE by swiping your finger across the screen, and ROLL with the provided buttons.

DROP the TOP-TRAY to get more BLOCKS - remember, you want more BLOCKS to get high scores. Earn more TOP-TRAY-DROPS by scoring lots of points.

Earn even bigger bonuses by eliminating the BONUS BLOCKS.

KuBUS is a puzzle game like none you have played before!

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