What's New

- Quantization, which keeps you on-beat when jumping between samples. You control when the jump occurs, anything from 1/16th of a beat to 4 full beats.

- The BPM control is right out front now and includes a scrubbing interface for rapid BPM changes up/down.

- You now have the option for BPM changes to either vary or maintain pitch.

- Reset / un-reset toggling, which allows you to jump back and forth between the original sample and your all-munged-up version.

- Major UI & usability improvements everywhere.

- Many smaller tweaks like tap-to-BPM, the ability to download and automatically install sample packs, and better sounding distortion effects.

App Description

"A beat-mixing iPhone app with a lot of power ... the interface is highly usable and well thought-out" - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

"Wow, that @star6app is soo freakin off the chain... amazed simply amazed. If you like creating/morphing ridiculous samples on the go - GET IT" - Comment on Twitter

"Will I look silly tapping this app while using public transportation? Probably, but it's worth it." - Pitchfok

"Make awesome remixes on your iPhone." - NME

"Create an infinite variety of noises from your own samples or by using the free presets." - XLR8R

"I find Star6’s personality rather irresistible" Create Digital Music

"The funnest music app out there." - Christiaan Virant (FM3/Buddha Machine)

Star6 combines the iPhone's accelerometer controls with granular synthesis technology to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a unique music-mashing machine! It is the first fully featured, performance-grade sample instrument for the iPhone and iPod touch. This fun yet practical sound remix instrument enables you to create an infinite variety of amazing sounds from your own samples or by using our free presets. Version 1.1 includes major enhancements to the user interface and amazing new features.

We've worked hard to make Star6 a fun yet practical tool for musicians of every level. Chop up beats with a flick of the wrist! Use the iPhone's accelerometer to control Star6's powerful granular synthesis engine to change the Pitch, Speed, Gate, Sample Order, Sample Size and Randomness of samples.

Follow us on Twitter (@star6app) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/star6app) and check out our website (www.star6app.com) to see Star6 in action!


- Massively fun sample-processing dashboard: Jump between six different music samples, apply six different granular synthesis effects, three additional DSP effects, change BPM, reverse the sound, record ... all from one screen!

- Jumping between samples is now quantized, so you stay on-the-beat at all times. You choose what beat to jump on, from 1/16th of a beat to 4 full beats.

- Your music or ours: Use our preset sounds or easily upload your own AIFF or WAV loops. You can even download complete sample packs from www.star6app.com, which automatically install themselves into Star6!

- Unique audio engine: Use granular synthesis to change the Pitch, Speed, Gate, Sample Order, Sample Size and Randomness of samples, all using the accelerometer. You won't believe how far you can bend your sounds!

- Multi-touch accelerometer control: Change multiple synthesis settings at once by placing fingers on multiple pads and moving the device.

- 3 additional DSP effects: Even more power to morph your sounds. Add Delay, Filter and Distortion effects to the end of the audio-chain to further customize your sound.

- 2 audio modes: “Sync Mode” to keep your samples on the beat and “Grain Mode” for bizarre continuous tone and random effects.

- Record: Capture your audio output for listening again or further use in production.

- Easy upload & download: Amazingly easy to upload samples and download recordings from your computer. You can even upload files in batches!

- Reverse: A single touch and your sample is playing backwards!

- Adjustable preferences for Pitch Steps and Grain Slide Time provide even more control over granular effects.

- BPM/Tempo: Uses granular synthesis to adjust the playback speed for all your samples from 1 - 303 BPM; you choose whether to preserve or bend the pitch.

iPhone Screenshots

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Star6 screenshot 1 Star6 screenshot 2 Star6 screenshot 3 Star6 screenshot 4 Star6 screenshot 5

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