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Been to a party before? Want to amaze your friends, family? Want to perform Magic? Look nowhere, we have the largest collection of simple to advance magic tricks. 13 magic tricks to make you a genius. Below are description of some:

1. You’re at a birthday party. What would be a better way to impress everyone by guessing the age of each and every person at the party? Better yet, you can also tell them what day of the week they were born on. Cool eh?

2. Got some dice handy? how about 3 dice? Let your friends roll them behind your back, turn around, ask couple questions and you reveal what they got. How awesome is that?

3. Murder on the Train. Someone was killed on the train. One of your friends is the murderer. Doesn’t matter where he/she hides, you can always find him/her. With the help of your iphone/ipod touch AND 9 friends, you can even transform this magic into a real-life detective game. If you actually do this, please send me the video ;-)

4. How about finding missing number on the ISBN barcode? Woah…now that is just way too cool.

5. Where would you spend your vacation this summer? France? England? Japan?…doesn’t matter because I already knew. Yes, I’m a Magician.

6. One special magic. Please visit for more tips on this magic.

and of course a couple more because there are 13 magic tricks on this one application. Even better, in the future we will add more magic tricks onto this application as updates instead of making new apps. We want to make this app the ultimate guide for beginner and we also want to make sure your money is well spent ;-)

If you know how some of the magic work, good for you. Go and perform. please don't spoil everyone else. Let others have a chance to think about it. Thank you.

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