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Although Crane Balls is comprised of only three people, they managed to conceive a beautiful world backed by pleasing hand-painted graphics, lots of impressive particle effects (like explosions, fire, etc.), a fluid framerate throughout and an original soundtrack spanning 11 amazing sounds.

One of the biggest treats on top of the fantastic gameplay is how beautifully executed and polished the presentation is. The artwork appears to be all hand rendered and gives the title a unique aesthetic chock full of detail.With an introductory price tag of 99 cents you'll be hard pressed finding a better looking game for only a buck.

Blimp is one of the finest games currently available on the App Store. Through the originality of its gameplay and its beautiful presentation, Blimp should reside on the home screen of any discerning iGamer.
9/10 Superb

Besides the addictive and extensive nature of the game play, the soundtrack features eleven original tracks and the graphics are like something out of Dreamworks.

This gameplay isn't particularly memorable, but it is backed up by some of the best production values we've seen for this type of simple game. The music is appropriately rich for the intriguing story, and the backgrounds look like painted vistas compared to the average videogame scenery.

Blimp - The Flying Adventures is one of the best platformers in the App Store. If you’re even a remote fan of platformers you should give this unique title a try. Blimp - The Flying Adventures is straight out fun, and is a Must Have for how much is packed in for such a small price.

In the end, I would recommend this game for anyone that finds it even slightly intriguing. The difficult and all-encompassing gameplay coupled with the fantastic visual and audio nuances will suck you into the experience and guarantee hours of great fun. Just try to avoid throwing your iDevice when you find yourself failing a mission over and over again!

Apart from making calls, and surfing the web the iPhone was made for games like this. A great, uncomplicated concept…. executed well through great controls and a fantastic art style.

The highly anticipated game Blimp - The Flying Adventures is finally here!

The merchant planet Solbot of the Wondda galaxy was not always a merchant planet and a member of the Allied Planets organization. Not long ago it waged a bitter war with the malevolent aliens form the planet Tarra, who planned to seize this strategic outpost. As an allied pilot I, too, joined the fight only to come out of it as a captain Zed Pelin, a pilot of the merchant company on a new and independent planet. That could be the end of my story, but rather it's just a beginning...

Be a blimp pilot in the most beautiful game on iPhone and enjoy this audio-visual experience.

* stunning graphics & artworks
* high quality particle effects (fires, steams, explosions, radiations etc.)
* 20 action packed levels
* interesting story throughout the campaign
* 5 completely different locations (dark forest, mines, snow mountains, red rocks...)
* deceitful enemies incl. tanks, gun nests, blimps, bunkers
* comic style briefs before each mission
* created exclusively for iPhone/iPod
* extremely responsive controls
* global score integrated within Facebook - be the best blimp pilot!

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