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2 New Workouts
- Short Straw
- Chutes & Ladders

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M-TRAIN In Collaboration With www.FreeAppADay.com will be Free Today and Today Only!
Featured by Apple" New and Noteworthy"

Access Hollywood :
“Can't afford a trainer? There's an app for that. M-TRAIN is a take anywhere fitness app for your iPhone that is just like having a trainer in your pocket. I'm not joking.”

“The Hot New Celeb Workout iPhone App”

Smokin’ Apps:
“If you want the many benefits of a personal trainer without the thousands of dollars in expense, this is a good app to try right away.”

Aced Magazine:
“This one is awesome because: a) you get to make your own playlist for your workout, as opposed to listening to whatever elevator techno musaak the developers picked for you, and b) you get your own personal trainer, as opposed to having to figure out what in the world a squat thrust is on your own.” “We tried it out, we love it.”

PC World:
User Reviews:
“The workout instructions and timing between sets are very easy to follow. And the exercises they include in the different types of workouts (power, agility, strength or endurance) are unique and very effective. …This makes it a great app for those who travel and want to keep a good exercise regime in place. No more slacking off on your business trips!”

Conceived and developed by three of today’s most sought after fitness trainers, M-TRAIN provides all of the benefits of an expert personal trainer without the expense, on your own schedule, and with your own music.

-- M-TRAIN, an innovative application designed to give the user the freedom to workout with a personal trainer anywhere and at anytime. The app. offers pre-designed workouts or the user can create their very own training regimen to their own music. No matter who you are, regardless of your fitness level, M-TRAIN offers everyone a satisfying and results-oriented workout just as you would achieve from an in-person session with one of the M-TRAIN trainers.

We’re back, and better than ever, with new workouts and a new download format. It took a little while because we took your suggestions seriously, and made a few changes. Then made a couple of changes you didn’t think of.

What has changed:
•One workout from the each of 4 elements of P.A.S.E. (Power, Agility, Strength, Endurance) is now free.
•All additional workouts are now just $0.99
•All workouts are rated: Easy, Moderate, Hard and Diabolical. So that you may more easily choose workouts based on your level and ability.
•New workout previews. Previews contain a better representation of the movements so that you can choose workouts that best suit your needs.

What hasn’t changed:
•High production value and personal attention. Your trainer takes you through each movement, step by step, via video. Describing and giving visual demonstration of form and function of every movement, while providing motivational and form cues and reminders throughout the workout.
•Build your own play list. You can access your I-tunes library at any time without leaving the app and build your own individual play list for each and every workout.
•Build your own workout. Got a few movements from different workouts that you love? Go in to Build Your Own Workout and put them together to create your own personalized M-Train workout.
•Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Enjoy the workouts and train hard,

M-Train workouts designed and developed by: Brian
Abercrombie, Kristin Anderson and Todd Spradlin.

App developed and designed by: ICS Mobile

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