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This version contains a critical bugfix concerning the "Play Scenes" button in the Little Boots tab.

App Description

Download this reactive remixer now and transform your world into the three Little Boots hits Remedy, New In Town and Meddle. Your movements and sounds create a unique realtime remix each time you listen.

Pop phenomenon Little Boots brings you augmented music!

If you are already a fan of Little Boots, this is a completely new way to listen to your favorite tracks. It's a new way to experience music.

You can create your own version of the three tracks by recording your augmented music experience. Share with your friends on your favorite social networking spaces and get their opinion! Each week the top ten recordings are featured in the app so share your recordings and be a star!

Little Boots herself will take you through how things work in a video tutorial inside the application, but here’s how it all works:

This isn't just your average remix tool. The application has 3 reactive music “scenes” that let you interact with the Little Boots tracks in various ways to create new versions of them.

The 'Meddle' scene is truly unique and exciting. The app creates an ever changing version of the song based on your environment. In other words...listen to it in loud or quiet places, at different times of the day and take it for a walk or stay still and listen to the track. Let your journey throughout the day create the song.

New In Town
The 'New In Town' scene allows you to remix the track by touching the buttons and arranging different beats, sounds and vocals (like Boots' own Tenori-on!). Sing along with the song and touch the buttons twice or three times to get variations on effects.

The Remedy scene is an eerily hypnotic and evocative version of Little Boot’s hit single. Conduct an ever changing symphony with your iPhone! Try drumming in time with the music, or move the phone slowly from side to side to hear the music change. There are lots of secret bits to discover and it's never the same experience twice.

In the app you can also:

- Preview all the songs from the debut album 'Hands'
- Access the official Little Boots website and blog as well as her Facebook, YouTube, Myspace and Twitter pages to find out more about Little Boots and stay in touch with everything in her world.
- Watch Little Boots videos, including New In Town, Remedy and Earthquake.

Made for headphones with microphone!
The Little Boots Reactive Remixer is made for use with a headset with microphones. Plug some in to get the best experience!

The Little Boots Reactive Remixer is part of the RjDj universe. RjDj is the player for reactive music, and the RjDj.me section of this application is where you can share your recordings and discover recordings from other users. If you want to try more reactive music, download the free RjDj application.

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