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Listening to your feedback, the screen does not go black anymore before the spider comes out which makes the effect smoother and more surprising.

However, this will NOT necessarily guarantee that you will now be able to successfully scare your 4 year old sister or your grandmother as some reviewers tried. Don't be disappointed, keep trying and please respect your grandparents :)
If you are successful finding a victim, we have seen and heard about some pretty strong reactions, so be careful with your device.

App Description

iSpider is a prank/gag app designed to startle and tease the unsuspecting mark.
Choose between one fat, hairy spider, a quartet of little crawlers, the garden tarantula, the hideous moray eel or our favorite slimy monster worms.

The app starts showing a harmless sand surface. Touch the screen to activate and pass your gadget. Or set the timer and leave your device innocently on the table.
Remember the disclaimer…. A good portion of the population gets panicky around spiders and other crawlers and you will certainly be able to identify those!

iPhone Screenshots

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iSpider - Monster Pals screenshot 1 iSpider - Monster Pals screenshot 2 iSpider - Monster Pals screenshot 3 iSpider - Monster Pals screenshot 4 iSpider - Monster Pals screenshot 5

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