App Description

"SPEED!" is a match-up card game.

How to Play
1.You and opponent get half cards(hand cards).
2.Each player put and turn up four cards(field cards) from hand cards.
3.On "Ready Go", each player put and turn up a card to center(center cards).
4.If your field cards sequence or same number of either center card, you can move the field card on the center card.
At this time, Ace(A) and King(K) is treated as sequence.
5.Next, you put and turn up to empty field card space from hand cards.
6.Repeat 4 and 5. When each player can't put to center card, goto 3.
7.At 3, if your hand cards is empty, you need select a field card for put to center.
8.The player put all hand and field cards to center first is winner.
9.If you play vs CPU mode, you can goto next level.

-A Jorker card is distributed each player.
-You can put a filed Jorker to any center card, and you can put any card on the center Jorker.
-If ether player can put any field card to center card, the player need put the field card to center.

How to Controll
-When you wan't to move a field card to center, you need touch the field card and under mark"PRESS TO PUT" of the center card.
-When "Ready Go" appear and your hand cards is empty, you need touch field card that you wan't to put to center(At this time, "SELECT CARD TO CENTER" mark appear).

Playing numbers
-1P vs CPU, 2P (match-up by same screen)

limited of lite version
- In 'vs CPU' mode, you can only play vs LEVEL1 CPU.
- You can't play '1P vs 2P'.

iPhone Screenshots

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SPEED! LITE screenshot 1 SPEED! LITE screenshot 2 SPEED! LITE screenshot 3 SPEED! LITE screenshot 4 SPEED! LITE screenshot 5

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