What's New

Added new individual dinosaur sounds feature. Match up the dinosaurs and each one makes a characteristic sound (honks, growls, roars and dinosaur trumpeting sounds), in addition to the existing soundtrack.

App Description

Designed to please dinosaur fans of all ages, DinoMixer lets you mix and match dinosaur heads, bodies and tails to make your own crazy mixed-up dinosaurs!

DinoMixer 1.8 features detailed, colorful images of 14 different dinosaurs:

Euoplocephalus (New!)

Swipe up an down to spin through the dinosaur heads, bodies and tails. Mixed and matched, there are thousands of crazy combinations!

Match all three parts of the same dinosaur and the dinosaur name pops up.

Click the arrow and you get 3 pages of information about each dinosaur, how big they were, how long ago they lived, where the dinosaur's fossils were found and background information on what makes the dinosaur interesting and different, along with fossil location maps and size comparison images!

It's like having a dinosaur book right in the app!

DinoMixer includes 5 interchangeable backgrounds:
"Forest Edge"
"Fallen Logs"
"Canyon Cliffs"
"Cypress Swamp"
"Redwood Forest"
plus a blank background for those who like their dinosaurs served up plain!

DinoMixer also includes 5 changeable foregrounds, that can be moved independently of the backgrounds!

Swipe sideways across the top of the image to choose a background. Swipe sideways across the bottom to choose a foreground. Swipe across the middle to change both at once.

Make the coolest, or funniest, combinations you can; or mix them up with a shake see how fast you can match them back up; all to sounds of the prehistoric jungle.

Future free updates will include new foreground and background combinations, new dinosaurs, and other added features.

Version History
Version 1.0 (5/15/09): Initial release, 10 dinosaurs, 1 background
Version 1.1 (6/15/09): Added changeable background feature, new background ("Fallen Logs"), blank background, new soundtrack, dinosaur names feature, new dinosaur (Spinosaurus)
Version 1.2 (7/17/09): Added new background ("Canyon Cliffs"), new dinosaur (Triceratops)
Version 1.3 (7/27/09): Added new background ("Cypress Swamp)
Version 1.4 (8/21/09: Added new dinosaur (Coelophysis)
Version 1.5 (9/4/09): Added changeable foregrounds feature and 4 new foregrounds
Version 1.6 (9/18/09) Added new background/foreground ("Redwood Forest")
Version 1.7 (10/31/09) Added new Dinosaur Info feauture
Version 1.8 (12/4/09) Added new dinosaur (Euoplocephalus) and improved soundtrack

For news, video demos and more screenshots see the DinoMixer web site at www.dinomixer.com.

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